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What gets Sunshine Grows

What gets our attention grows. This year we were finally able to put a garden in our yard. We had discussed where it should go for a couple of years. My husband, Dan, wanted to put it in the middle of the backyard. I wanted it out of the way in the side yard, so it didn’t mess with our outdoor activities. He pointed out the side yard doesn’t get as much sunlight with it being under the trees.

I started to imagine an experiment with a row of beans in the side yard under the trees and one in the middle of the backyard. I had an image in my head his row growing taller and quicker, than my row. What gets sunlight grows!

In life what we bring out into the sun also grows. Dan and I decided we needed to start doing fun things together, instead of house things. We have been home together and our marriage has been fine, like a garden that grows in the shade. But moving our marriage into the sun, with focus time together without weekend errands has dusted off the love. Living alone together every day doing the same things each day is like growing in the shade. Yet doing things together we both enjoy, our marriage feels stronger, like we have moved our garden to the sunshine.

What are you keeping in the shade? Is it time to change things up and move it to the sunshine? (By the way, Dan found a sunny spot deeper in our backyard, so we are both happy.)


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