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Thanks for stopping by to shop. You can purchase my book or personalized scrapbooking kits for upcoming events. If you are looking for scrapbooking events, you will find them on the Preserving Memories page.

My  Mom Story

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I treasured being a Mom. Probably because there were times in my life I doubted if I would ever be a Mom. I didn't meet my husband Dan until I was 30 and we struggled with infertility. We ended up having three girls in 30 months. Just because I treasured my Mom role, doesn't mean I thought it was easy. Not at all! It brought out my best and worst characteristics. I continually learned and grew as a Mom. I created new approaches that would work with one of the girls for a while, then I was off to the next idea. I was lucky one of my strengths was ideation. 

As each of the girls started college, they each sent me a similar text. “Mom, I have a friend who needs advice. Yes, it’s really a friend and they don’t have a Mom like you to go ask!” After getting this text a few times, I started to realize that these friends would soon be moms themselves. Who would they ask for advice? I believed moms need someone older/wiser to get advice from. This happened at the same time I was looking for something more in my life. The concept of Mentor Moms and this book was born.

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