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Welcome to my blog, which I call my GIGS Blog. GIGS is short for Gaining Insight Growing Self. In other words, you can gain insight from my experiences, and hopefully grow your self-confidence.

For years, I have shared my stories of being a mom and what daily life looks like for me, but I left out the words in my journal. I started journaling 3 years ago when I began reading the Bible each morning. I wondered why I often wrote ‘you’ instead of ‘I’ since it was my personal journal. But now I realize the words I had written were God’s message sent through me to you. It is time for me to share the words that were written for you from the start!

I hope you enjoy this GIGS Journal based on a Bible verse or my inspirational stories, along with my Mom Moments and Preserving Memories. I look forward to reading your comments and seeing what inspiration we can find together.

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Come join my morning routine, as I start something new with you.
Grab your beverage, a comfortable spot to sit and let the words inspire you.

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