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His Job

I pushed the button on my car to start it and I heard a weird noise. The car was not starting. The battery was dead. I was so very lucky a friend was getting a ride with me to spend the night and we were returning to the exact spot the next day. We switched cars and she drove me home.

First thing the next morning I informed my husband of the situation. It was his job to fix it. He had to change his to do list for the day. He drove to my car, jumped it, drove my car to get a new battery installed and return the car to the parking spot for me.

I just assumed it was his job. I never once thought about how I could get a new battery in my already busy day. He had to change his plans to do it. Was I being spoiled? No, it was his job.

Then I started thinking, what’s my job? I realized I have many jobs. For one thing, I am the one who plans the meals and does do most of the cooking. But I had been complaining about doing it. Why do I always have to be the one to think about this and do it. Oh yea, it’s my job. I think it is time for me to just do my job and stop complaining, or next time I might be getting my car repaired.


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