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No Decision is a Decision

Romans 1:22 NIV: “Claiming to be wise, they become fools.”

GIGS Journal Entry: How often do we know what we should do, but make a different decision? We are wise but become fools for going down a different path.

Lately, I have not been making the wrong choice. But no choice at all. Instead of going down either path, I do nothing. As if there are three options. One to do the right thing, two to do the wrong thing, or three to do nothing. I guess I was thinking if I didn’t go down the wrong path, I wasn’t sinning and becoming a fool. I realize now that not following God’s plan, I was still sinning. Inactivity is still not praying. It is still not reading his word. It’s still not writing and sharing my thoughts. My lack of activity is still a sin. And I am a fool in my inactivity.

Prayer: Help me Lord, to choose you and remember inactivity is still a decision and the wrong one. Help me to reach out and read your word. You are the one who can get me through this journey. You are my strength and are surrounding me with your healing power. You are the one who can get me through. Thank you, Lord for these words.

Reflection: Are their times when you don’t act? How do you feel when you do nothing, instead of the right thing?


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