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Road to Healing

I would not have chosen to take this road. But it is the road I must take to healing my body. My week one Chemo cycle was like traveling through a muddy dirt road. Each step I took was hard, because of the weight of the mud on my feet. I could keep marching through the mud, just one step at a time. In a future Chemo cycle, I visualize a wagon of my supplies trailing along with me, getting stuck in this mud. I will not be able to move my wagon alone. I will need help from others to pry my wagon out of this sticky muddy road.

This week, the rain has stopped, and the dirt road has dried up. It is easy to march forward, almost enjoyable.

(Sorry, I’m listening to an audiobook on the Civil War. Perhaps, I have been married to Dan too long if I am listening to history!)

I realize I am not the only one on this tough road. Others like me are marching to physical healing. Some are stuck in the mud of emotional stress. Others are dragging through a tough relationship. A few keep marching on with pain. No matter what causes your mud, you are on the road to healing. You may need to ask those around you to help pry you or your supply wagon out of the mud!

None of us would have chosen this dirt road and all its ruts. But it is the road to healing. March on!


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