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Prayers come easily when I want something. To get the surgery I needed, I had to progress through many steps to get it scheduled. God answered my prayers and the day of surgery arrived. I was going through pre-op alone because of the Coronavirus precautions. I didn’t feel alone as God was providing me strength, and I knew my family and friends were praying for me.

I listened as two doctors where going over last-minute details. A nurse walked in and handed one of the doctors a note. The note was shared with the other doctor as they stepped out in the hall. The curtain didn’t hide their voices. “If we can’t do it this morning, can you do Tuesday?”

“No, but I can do next Thursday.” came another voice.
Instantly, I was praying. “God, no! I can’t wait another week! Please let this not be about me!”
Within a minute I was given the facts. There was a problem with the sodium level in my blood. The blood would be re-drawn to confirm, but it would be too dangerous to have surgery today. It will be re-scheduled for next week. My reply, “The lab is wrong! And the new test will be just fine.”
My Doctor said, “I hope so, but it was already checked twice. They will put a rush on it, and I will let you know ASAP.”
As the doctor left, I looked at the clock to see it was time for my surgery to start. Leaning on my belief that the test was wrong, I texted my family, “Looks like there is a slight delay with the start of my surgery.”

My conversation with God was all over the place as I watched the clock. I closed my eyes focused on the strength and peace I felt just a short time earlier. After an hour I decided to call my husband with the uncertain news. As I finished up explaining, my doctor walked in with 2 thumbs up. “We are good to go. Sodium level is fine,” she said. My husband overheard the news and I headed into surgery.

Two weeks into recovery I now realize my prayers ended abruptly. As I start my day with God, reading Psalm 100:1 “Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.” (New International Version)

It hit me, did I? Did I shout with joy that the test was wrong? Did I shout for joy that I was able to have the surgery that day? Have I even once shouted for joy? Today, I am shouting from the roof tops, “THANK YOU LORD!”

It is time I learn to turn to prayer for thanks and shouts of joy!


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