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God's Steps

Philippians 4:13 NIV: “I can do all this through him who gives me strength.”

GIGS Journal Entry: I truly understand that God gives me strength on the big things and guides when I am lost. But is he there every step of the way!

God doesn’t only give me the big vision. He gives me the steps to get there. He has provided the first step and perhaps the second. But I don’t see the steps closer to the top. I don’t even know what is there. As I focus on my big vision, I don’t get started. As I worry about what happens when I get it done, I am stuck in fear.

I need to look at the first steps that God has provided. Jump on it and believe in his path. I need to be ready for him to guide me up the path to the vision he has provided me, even if I can’t see the last steps.

Prayer: Dear Lord, fill my heart with your faith. So that I can trust in the path in front of me, that it will lead me safely to the top. Help me believe that you will provide me the strength to make it to the top.

Reflection: Do you need to see the entire path before you can begin? Or are willing to take the first steps without fear?


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