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Where is my Focus?

"Your life is controlled by what you focus on.” –Tony Robbins

On this sunny spring day, I look out my window. I see the back yard half covered with snow and the bare trees - still winter! And I see half the yard clear of snow with green appearing amidst the brown dormant grass – spring!

Where is my focus? It’s too early for winter to truly be over. We will have another big snowstorm and more winter days ahead. Or, how awesome to see spring so early in March. A sunny day to open the windows to air out the house and listen to the birds sing.

What do I feel? Which option will benefit me? Enjoying the sunshine and green grass lightens my load. I even smile to myself. Seeing the snow and dead looking trees makes me feel gloomy. I feel my energy drop. I feel my shoulder droop.

Both things are there and both options are valid. But one lifts my spirit, and one adds weight to my shoulders. Today, I will see spring. Where is your focus?


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