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When Life gives you Lemons - Make Lemonade

What happens when life gives you lemons?

When windows arrived a month ago, two were too tall. Replacement windows were ordered. All the rest of the windows were in place 2 weeks ago. Replacement windows arrived yesterday. So today a very large old window was carried out.

I walked past this large opening and saw one of the men sitting on the scaffolding. I gave him a puzzling look. He explained, “The new replacement window is too wide!”

Lemons! My options, wait another month with a boarded up window for another replacement. Or cut a wider opening and hope the bay window corners will fit! Being a risk taker, the answer was simple, let’s go for it!

Lemonade! The window looks so much bigger and once the molding is in place it will look like one piece! (I hope!)

What do you do when life hands you lemons? When given too options, do you take a risk?


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