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Weather Attitude

I have enjoyed the most amazing week of spring, but as I feared it was just a tease. As I look out my window the grass is covered once again with a few inches of snow. My attitude is not to be angry that winter has returned but to enjoy the wintry scene because soon I will be able to relive another week of spring.

As I listen to people talk about the weather, I feel like I am getting a sense of who they are. I can quickly learn if they are a positive person or a negative person. It is interesting because they are all reacting to the same weather, but their attitude is affecting how they react to it.

Attitude is everything. It truly is a choice of how to react to the weather and each person has that option. I understand that if someone wants to complain about the return of winter that is totally their right. However, what I have found is that I start to take on the other’s feelings. My attitude about the weather changes as I listen to them. Even though I love the new fallen snow, when others complain I start to complain. I realize I should just keep my positive attitude and even share a little of that with them. I could say, “I like the clean white snow for a few more weeks.”

It could help them look at the weather a little bit differently.

As you listen to people talk about the weather in the next week, take note. Are the people you are encountering sharing a negative attitude? Are you persuaded by what others are saying? Are you surrounded by positive people? Is it time to work on your own attitude?

Becoming aware of the attitude of others and how it affects yours is important. Remember it is not your job to change someone’s attitude. But you can share your perspective and perhaps it will help them find a new way to look at that window.

Attitude is everything! Take a moment to look out the window and find a positive attitude to share with those you meet!


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