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Start Today


It starts today! It’s the first of the month and it’s a Monday so today’s the day.

When I was a child, I remember my mom starting her diet on Monday morning. At some point she had gotten a copy of a diet from the doctor. On Monday, it was out on the kitchen counter along with half a grapefruit. She had eaten the other half for breakfast. That’s when I knew she was back on the diet. About midweek the diet was getting buried under the mail. I truly never remember her finishing all week on the diet.

I asked her once, “Why she didn’t start on a Thursday? Then she could have a different menu on the diet, and maybe make it all week.”
She replied, “Things start on Monday.” It seemed to work for my mom, she was never overweight.

When I have set new goals, I start them on the first of the month. When things are not going well in my life, I make a new plan and wait. I wait for the beginning of the next month. The first of the month is the perfect time for me to begin.


Today, being a Monday and the first of August is to me the perfect day to start.


When do you start? On a Monday? On the first of the month? Or do you start whenever you are ready to begin?


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