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Seasons come and seasons go. Some seasons are very easy to enjoy. They seem to be filled with all the things that we love. Other seasons are easy to hate. They seem to be filled with all the things we dislike. Some seasons we just get through by even counting the days until they are done.

In the Midwest we have all four seasons. Now we are in the middle of Winter and it’s cold! But it is so beautiful after a snowfall. As we count the days to Spring, we are dreaming of that green grass and first flowers. However, there are a lot of rainy days and mud. Summer is easy to love, until it gets too hot. Fall is totally beautiful with the fall colors, but it has a lot of cloudy days. As you can see each season has its appeal, and its flaws.

What’s your focus? Are you focusing on the negative or the positive? If you are looking at all the flaws, it’s going to be a long season. If you can appreciate the beauty in the newly fallen snow and enjoy a warm day of 20 degrees, the short winter days won’t drag on. The key is your attitude.

There are also seasons in life. Some of those seasons seem to have more flaws than others. But just like the 4 seasons in a year, your attitude is the key.

One of the best hints I received as a new mom was, “Don’t wish your child’s life away.” I thought of that often, as I was exhausted with a newborn, the terrible twos, and it continued to that teenage attitude. Time went fast and soon they grew up and the house was empty. I was glad I didn’t wish those years away, but there were definitely days I could have done without. Just like this cold long winter!

Tomorrow I will work on my attitude. Starting small with finding one thing I like about this season. I will hold my tongue on one of my complaints. At least that stops the progression of poor attitude.

What are you seeing in your season? What can you do to stop focusing on the flaws?


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