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Stuck in a Roundabout

Lately I have been hit with challenging situations. As I drive my car through life, I feel like I am stuck in a roundabout. Various situations keep happening that cause me to have to face the same lesson again and again.

I have learned that as I drive my car through life, I determine how I react to the situation. I can choose to take the path of victim. Asking why me? I can get angry and blame others, including God. When the next thing happens to me, I feel that it’s proof that the world is against me. I take no responsibility. When that next event happens to me, it confirms my belief. I am STUCK!

Or as I drive my car through life, I could choose to take responsibility. Instead of asking, why me? I ask what did I do to contribute to this situation? I realize the mistakes I made and begin to learn from them. When the next thing happens to me, I have faith and trust God to help me cope.

Being in the roundabout is a time to cope. I must deal with my feelings and discover the lessons of the experience. Once I have done that, I can drive out of the roundabout. If I stay the victim, I end up stuck in the roundabout.

Lately when these challenging situations were happening, I was taking responsibility. I felt I had learned the lessons I needed. But then similar experiences happened again. Now I realized it is not just about learning but changing. I need to change my actions so that I don’t keep making the same mistake. Hopefully, now I can get out of this roundabout!


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