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Peaceful Snow

Bible Verse: 2 King 20:19b NIV: “For he thought, ‘Will there not be peace and security in my lifetime?”

GIGS Journal Entry: As I look out the window this morning I feel peace. It brings me joy to see the snow covering the trees and the ground. There is not a track in the snow anywhere. No car tracks on our neighborhood road or animal tracks in our yard. A beautiful white clean slate.

I understand that I have this feeling, because this snow storm didn’t affect my day. I have no plans to leave my house. So I’m not disappointed with the weather, I actually love it. I realize that I would look at this beautiful scene differently if it hit tomorrow when I have appointments. So feeling peace and joy or frustration with this wintery mess is truly within my control.

In this Bible verse when Hezekiah thought there wouldn’t be peace and security, perhaps it was all around him. He just didn’t choose to see it. I need to remember that when a snow storm hits I can feel frustration or peace and joy. It’s up to me to decide.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for this beautiful fresh new snow. And giving me the great attitude to enjoy it.

Reflection: What is your reaction to this scene? How often are you praying for different weather when it’s really a different attitude that you need?


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