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Nature's Beauty

I need to look at the beauty in nature. For so many months I have looked out my window or even walked past these flowers. Not giving much of a thought to them. It’s like I have a film over my eyes that mutes their beauty. I want to smell their glorious scent and clear staleness from me.

I desire a walk-in nature, even just around my yard. To hear the birds call to each other. To listen to the songs of nature instead of the negative world around me. I crave the feeling of sunshine on my face. To sense the warmth of the sun, it may clear my cells that seem blocked.

I must get my hands busy even to just play in the dirt. Or trim the old blossoms of the rose bush. To experience nature, feeling the tender plants to arouse me from numbness. Finally, to swing by a Farmer’s Market and pick up their latest harvest. Taste fresh fruit warm from the earth. Enjoy a fresh dinner with the produce to stimulate my taste buds that have dulled.

Nature’s beauty is always there, yet I have missed it. I need it to awaken my soul.

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