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Intense feelings overtake me during the night. In the darkness, the waiting, sadness, and worry engulf me. I find myself getting out of bed and wandering the house without turning on a light. Tears stream down my cheek as I am overflowing with feelings. I am not even sure what those feelings are, but the tears keep coming. I end up in front of the living room window looking towards a light. I sit on the floor to see the full moon. I absorb the moonlight; it gives me peace.

A memory surfaces when I used the moon for a cure for homesickness. At the time, my girls were little, they worried about missing me as they would be away a few days. I would tell them, “When you are missing me at night, look up at the moon. When I miss you, I will look up at the moon, too. We are not too far away because we are looking at the same moon. And in the morning if you are still missing me, you can call me.”

They never did. It seems the moonlight is magical. It must be because I realize the tears have stopped and I am not overwhelmed anymore. If I still feel the same way in the morning, I will call someone. I never did.


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