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Living in my Strengths

I have had the pleasure to be in front of a couple groups this week. It has reminded me how much I love to share my stories and teach others from the front of the room. When I am on stage, I am living my strengths!

My strengths (from the Strength Finders test) are:

  1. Activator- I put thoughts into action, I jump in the deep end, sometimes without checking the depth!

  2. Ideation – I love to connect ideas with objects to explain something. I often have ideas on top of my ideas.

  3. Command – I take control, I feel no discomfort sharing my views/ideas with others. I can tell you the hard truth, I am surprised that others can’t.

  4. Communication – It is easy to bring my ideas to life. I love sharing my stories and love chatting with all types of people.

  5. Connectedness – I have faith that events are interrelated and interdependent. I search for the meaning behind each situation.

Living in my strengths the last couple of days has energized me to the max. I feel on fire. It has reminded me to look for additional ways to live in my strengths instead of forcing myself to improve my weaknesses. What are your strengths? (Please share I may need to connect with you to fill in my weaknesses.)



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