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Is Your House Dusty?

Don’t ask me, “How are you doing?” Ask me, “Have you dusted recently?”

I was finally dusting on Easter morning before my family arrived. There was a thick layer of dust on several of the surfaces. I’m sure it was on all of the surfaces, but I only noticed it on a few of them. I realized I don’t usually have this much dust. So as I continued to work I started thinking.

How long had it been since I dusted? I honestly don’t remember. Keep in mind, Dan vacuums every week, like clockwork. Even that action never pushed me to grab a dust cloth. Why didn’t I see the dust? Oh I saw it. Many times I would notice it as I looked across the room. Or when I was down on the floor playing with Ada. But it was soon forgotten.

Why had I just let it collect? I just didn’t care! It was my mood. The dust on my furniture was a symbol of the dust on me. I am still staying home most days and not interacting with others. I realize that I haven’t even answered a friendly email or posted on Facebook. It is more than going out of the house. It’s really reaching out. I too am covered in a layer of dust.

As I finish up dusting, I looked around the house and added a few Easter decorations. It looked so much better. My house came alive. As I dressed for church and looked in the mirror I realized I felt better. I was smiling, I felt alive.

Now I need to keep dusting off myself. If I start to see a layer of dust on my furniture, it is time for me to leave my house and reach out to others.

How’s the dust in your house?


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