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I am a VIP

I am different. I have changed, all in a moment. I will try to explain this change.

I walked through the door of the Before Conference with anticipation and excitement. I was ready to move my business forward. I had been taking two steps forward and one step back for a while. I felt like I was making progress, but also struggling. I was ready to listen and learn. To be honest, I had read through the homework, but not completed it, so maybe not totally ready.

I was to participate in a mastermind session to begin the conference. As I drove to the conference I finalized my business struggle that I would share during the mastermind session. ’I needed to become more consistent in my business.’

As they introduced the mastermind they pointed out that sometimes the biggest business struggle was more of a personal struggle. They asked us to dig deep to be honest about what was really in our way in making our business goals a reality.

That hit home. I realized my true struggle. However, was I ready to share such a personal issue with seven other business owners? I wrote down both options as I listened to others share their own road blocks. Business struggles were shared. I was still staring at the two options I wrote down. I wasn’t sure what I would share, but I was ready for either one.

Then right before me, Andrew shared a personal issue. He had recently realized he had a fear of success. Sitting next to him, I could feel his fear coming out of him. As I look back, I wonder if that was his fear leaving him. With his courage to share, did that release his fear? I hope it did.

It was now my turn. As I introduced myself, I realized I couldn’t let my fear stop me after Andrew’s honesty. I said, “I don’t believe I am good enough. So many times, I stop myself from doing the tasks to grow my business because of my belief. I am worthless. That message I have had circling in my head since I was a child.”

I shared with my table of business owners where that message came from and how once again it has gotten in my way. As I talked I realized the answer was within me. “It was time for me to work through all of this in my next book, My Road of Life Challenges. It was time to make that my goal. Sharing my story will not only help me change my self-talk, but help others who are surrounded with their own negative self-talk.”

In that moment, something changed. The presenter noticed. As she was wrapping up, she looked around the entire room and then called on me to be the first to share my insight. I stood with a sense of confidence and shared, “I have been in my own way. To get over myself, it is time for me to write my next book.” (I just told an entire room full of accomplished business owners my goal!) The night ended with a sense of excitement.

I was wide awake when I got home. I did a couple of quick action items that I had put off for several days. I smiled to myself thinking about how simple that was and to think I just did it. What a concept, ’Just Do It!’ That should be my slogan, oh dang – it’s already taken. It was time for me to head to bed. But I just sat there. Not stressed, but content. A truly unfamiliar feeling.

The conference continued the next day. They gave away two spots in the VIP section. All we had to do was to text why we would like the VIP spot and goody bag. I wrote, “It’s time for me to realize I am good enough. I didn’t think I was worth the VIP ticket. Now I realize I am more than good enough.”

Needless to say, I was selected to receive one of the VIP spots. I am a Very Important Person! I now believe that. And it is time for me to write my story so others that struggle can feel like a VIP.


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