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Holiday Traditions

My family tradition growing up was my Dad (who never cooked) made French toast for our Christmas morning celebration. This tradition started in 1970, when my sister who was married the week before called to ask if she could come home for Christmas morning. She was feeling homesick without her siblings Christmas morning craziness.

After the gifts were opened Dad said, "Let's have some French Toast." Mom being quick on her toes said, "Are you making it?" He responded, "I guess I can." (Of course, they both did.) That was the start of the tradition.

The numbers grew each year, adding in-laws and then grand kids. My dad served his last breakfast in 2004, but the tradition continues with the Grandsons cooking the breakfast. There are close to 50 gathered to enjoy this holiday tradition together.

Take a photo of your holiday traditions! Discover the story of how they started.


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