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Psalm 84:6 NIV: “As they pass through the Valley of Becca they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools.”

GIGS Journal Entry: A year ago I wrote in my journal about this Bible verse. After I had sat with my mom her last few days of life. Now just over a year later I am back to this verse again, as my Brother’s family sat with him for just a few hours as he breathed his last earthly breath.

It seems like my mom and now my brother were in the Valley of Becca. Which Warren Wiersbe

described as, “any difficult and painful place in life, where everything seems hopeless and you feel helpless, like the pit of despair.” But as my mother and now my brother pass through this Valley of Becca they have made it a place of springs and autumn rain. They are headed to a glorious place. They are once again joined together in heaven.

Now we are the ones who are left behind. We are all thrown back into the Valley of Becca once again. We will grieve my loss of my brother’s presence on earth. We will lean on each other as we try to move through this difficult and painful place in life, where everything seems hopeless and we feel helpless.

Prayer: Lord, give us strength to get through each day, by leaning on you and each other. Help us feel your presence surround us and comfort us.

Reflection: During this time I have to remind myself to let out my emotions and not ignore them. I go between having no energy and wanting to hide under the covers, to unbridled energy. How do you grieve?


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