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God's Path

Exodus 4:10 NIV: “Moses said to the Lord, Pardon your servant Lord. I have never been eloquent . . I am slow of speech and of tongue.”

GIGS Journal Entry: We aren’t always ready for the path that God presents to us, that doesn’t mean it’s not the right direction.

It was four years after my first book was published that I was finally able to say aloud, “I am a writer”. I always felt more comfortable telling stories than writing them down because I am a talker. In elementary school, I received a D in spelling! The only D’s I ever got was in spelling. English was a little higher, but in my mind, a writer couldn’t get C’s in English & a D in spelling.

God had a very different plan for me and writing was part of that plan. For a year, I understood that as I sat each morning with my cup of coffee, my journal and pen, God’s words would flow through me to my paper. Believe me, some of these ideas are so amazingly awesome, I could never have come up with them myself. They are God's words written in my hand.

Several times in the past year, God has said to me, “Share my words!” Yet, I felt like Moses, not feeling confident, not ready, and holding back. But today, I take the first step to share his message with others and I’m so glad you are here to share it with me.

Prayer: I invite you to say this prayer as you think of the times you’ve struggled to find confidence or pursue the path God is providing for you: Thank you Lord for your patience with me as I struggle like Moses to accept your role for my life. I am thrilled to be your writer and share your words with others.

Reflection: How many times have you questioned the direction you were pushed to go? Have you ever felt like you lacked the confidence, courage or were holding back on something that you really wanted?


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