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Freeze Tag

I have been playing Freeze Tag for a week. Remember freeze tag? The children's game of tag where one person is 'it' and reaches out and touches you. You then freeze in your tracks and can't move. If another player can touch you, you are unfrozen and can run away again. Last week I was frozen by 'it', COVID-19.

I was waiting for my friends to run by and unfreeze me. I didn't know I was playing. They didn't know I was playing. I waited and waited, frozen. Kathy tried, but I was quickly re-tagged. Finally, Lynn, Tracy and Christy all virtually unfroze me within a few hours of each other. I can run again.

The game is not over, "it" might freeze me again. Now I am aware I am playing; I am letting my friends know I might freeze again. I am asking them to keep reaching out and virtually touch me. In the mist of this social isolation we need to keep running and tagging each other. Be sure you are virtually reaching out to your friends to unfreeze them!


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