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On Friday, I felt free. It has been 2 weeks since my second COVID vaccine and I enjoyed my first day of freedom.

I have felt like a teenager who was grounded for a year. Grounded from seeing friends, or even leaving the house, except for medical appointments! At first, I didn’t know how long I would be grounded. I thought if I followed the rules, I could break free early. But that did not happen. I learned to make the best of my grounded situation, but it certainly wasn’t easy.

On my first day of freedom, I met a friend at a coffee shop. Stopped for lunch and ate inside. Then my husband and I went to the hardware store and had dinner in a restaurant. It was a wonderful day.

I know I need to stay on my best behavior (wearing my mask), or I may be grounded again. I will follow the rules because I like my freedom!

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