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Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffee

Do you cry over spilled coffee?

It was time to add some fresh coffee to my cup. As I got up my hand bumped the top of the chair which sent my coffee cup flying out of my hand. I instantly thought,

“Now I have to deal with a broken coffee cup. There goes my day! Seriously, that proves I never should have tried to do this project.”

I had ALL these thoughts before my cup stopped bouncing around the floor! It didn’t break, I looked down at a wet spot on my top. As I began the process of cleaning up, I realized how many negative thoughts filled my head. My cup didn’t break it bounced, 'The bouncing made a huge mess. Enough negative thoughts,’ I said to myself.

I continued to clean up and review my thoughts. Did one dropped cup actually need to affect my WHOLE DAY? Couldn’t it just affect the next few minutes? And what did any of this have on the project I had started? I decided to change my thoughts!

I was happy the cup bounced, not broke. I am thankful it wasn’t a full cup of coffee. I was grateful it headed toward the floor and not the table where my laptop and papers were. By the time I had rinsed out by top I had a new attitude. I was NOT going to cry over spilled coffee or let it affect my attitude.

How does an accident affect you and your day?


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