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A Roadblock

I have once again hit a roadblock in my life. I thought I was DONE with health issues. But no, one more surgery to repair two incisional hernias. I don’t want to take this detour! I just want to keep going on the road I had planned to take. I even asked the doctor if I could wait. His answer, “No!” and went on to explain.

That’s when I realized how I handle a detour when I see it. Most often I try to continue through it. Then I have to turn around and take the detour anyway. My next reaction is to ignore it. To hide and pretend it isn’t going to happen. Finally, I throw off the blanket I am hiding under and face the facts. I must take the detour!! Then I start to plan what can I do along the detour to make the extra time more enjoyable.

What happens when you hit a roadblock?


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