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Inspiring Moms to gain insight, grow self-confidence
and share their memories.

 Mentor Moms


Mentor Moms Memories

Feeling overwhelmed with a physical or virtual pile of photos? Can't image how or where to begin? As a Creative Memories Advisor and Forever Ambassador I partner with you to unlock your style to preserve your story and savor your memories. Together, we can take that pile of photos from overwhelming to a treasured photo album. 


Looking for a humorous inspirational speaker that teaches through storytelling? By sharing my personal experiences your participants relate it to their own situations to gain insight to new to strategies to cope with the challenging road of life. They will feel a renewed joy to radiate contagious confidence. I would love for an opportunity to help them grow. 

A Mommy's Road

Do you wish you had an instruction manual for being a Mom? This book can be the resource for you. It does not have one right answer like an instruction manual, but provides my own experiences of raising 3 girls to hopefully help you in your journey as a mom. If you are struggling to find a solution that works for you and your child, this book is for you. 

Recent Blog Posts

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My  Story

Hi, I’m Lori and I am so glad you stopped by. I live in Minnesota with my husband Dan. We are blessed with a close-knit family of 3 daughters, 2 son-in-laws and 2 amazing grandchildren. I love my new name, Gigi.

I have always given advice. I seem to have an answer to most people’s problems. This worked well with my friends and family. They understood if they shared their problems with me, I wouldn’t just listen, I would offer up a solution. Eventually, I realized my advice was not always well received. Not everyone wanted my opinion. People sometimes just want to share their problems and not have a solution thrown at them. I have learned to bite my tongue until asked (at least I try, too). This was a very important step in my relationship with my adult daughters. I believe that makes me more of a mentor than an advisor.

I also love sharing amazing stories. I love to be in front of groups sharing my life’s hills and valleys to help others in the midst of a similar storm. These stories are from my experiences growing up with low self-esteem, being a teacher, the curvy road of marriage, being a mom of 3 girls which brought out my best and worst characteristics and just life as a woman. Sharing my life stories helps others realize they are not alone and provides them insight for their situation.


My passion is to teach people to preserve their photos and share their stories. A photo is a memory lost in time without the words that tell the story of that photo. It is not about the 1000’s of photos we take. It’s about the 100 photos that touch our hearts. I believe every child should know their story from their mother’s point of view. How can I help you get started?


Thanks for taking the time to be here today. I hope you will continue to follow me.

-Lori Koch

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