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Memories Captured in Photos

Does it happen to you? Do you get a half smile across your face and feel joy as you see a memory pop up on Facebook? It is the post you wrote with a photo you took on this day from years gone by. That is exactly what I help people create in their lives. The combination of their special photos with the story that goes with them in their own photo albums. Not to pop up once a year on Facebook, but in their own hands to look at whenever they want to feel that joy.

This is so important to me, because I learned young that life is precious as my younger brother only lived to be 7 years old. I am blessed to have this special picture of the two of us that my mom took of us just being kids on our farm. Just looking at this image reminds me of all the times I spent playing with Ricky and our dog, Laddie. I am thrilled that my mom took the time to get her camera and capture this moment.

Now days, we don’t have to get a camera, we carry it everywhere. But now we take so many pictures that we are overwhelmed and don’t take time to do anything with any of them. Is it time to focus on the precious 100 photos instead of worrying about the 1000’s you have? It is time to have the joy of those memories in your own photo books and not just pop up as a Facebook memory.

Are you ready to take my challenge of 12? Either the 12 months of a child’s first year of life or the 12 grades of school. You know that photo you post on facebook each month the first year of your child (grandchild’s) life. Or the photos you post on first day and last day of school for all 12 grades. Can you get started with just that focus? Let me know you are ready to join my challenge of 12!


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