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A Photo Album

I put together an album for my daughter about her attributes as a mom. Using the ABC’s I was able to tell her 26 different ways she was doing a great job. It included pictures of her and her daughter. I did it because being a mom is hard. And I wanted her to have something she could look at during the rough times so she would be reminded how great she is. I did it because it’s difficult to put into words how proud you are of your kids. I did it to share my love of photos and stories.

You see, it’s not about the 1000’s of photos we take. It’s about the few that touches our hearts. It’s not having the perfect words. It’s about telling the story. It is fun to share the memories on social media, but the moment is so quickly buried in our feed.

It’s not about scrapbooking. It is about memory keeping. Are you ready to preserve your story?


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