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My Preserving Memories Story

As I close in on my 24th Anniversary as a Creative Memories Advisor I am thinking about how it all started. In 1994, as we were moving from MN to AZ I was putting them into pocket albums and the duplicates into photo boxes. I know someday I would start magnetic albums for each of my 3 girls. (Don’t use magnetic albums! Please continue reading.)

A year later I went to a Creative Memories home class, where I learned about safe photo storage and completed my first page. I knew instantly that this was what I was going to do for each of my girls. I brought the large kit of supplies to get started! But my excitement was put in the closet, life was busy. My photo box of duplicates and another year of photos sat waiting for an entire year. The class host invited me to a workshop. (She felt so bad for all the money I had spent.) I excitedly agreed. I completed a few more pages and was hooked. Over the next 18 months, I attended workshops and hosted my own home class (or 2) to earn a free album.

In 1998, we were doing our family budget the photography line item was left the same, but I had already been taking money from the food budget for my scrapbooking hobby. Yikes, now what. I wondered if I could be a Creative Memories Consultant. My husband nicely replied, “Why do you want to mess up your hobby by doing it as your job?” I agreed, I loved my hobby and my workshop time.

The next day it hit me, “If I don’t want to do what I love for my job, what do I want to do?” That day I called my CM Consultant and learned the details. After another conversation with Dan we decided to give Creative Memories a try.

On April 7, 1998, I because a Creative Memories Consultant. I have created a business doing what I loved. I didn’t mess up my hobby, I made my hobby my business. Do you have a hobby you love? Or a business that is your passion? Or both?

I probably have helped almost a thousand people tell their stories using their photos and their words. At first using only Creative Memories and paper scrapbooking and then adding Forever and the digital options. I love helping others find the solution that is right for you. Are you ready?


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