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Piles of Photos

Where do you start? When I share my passion of preserving photos the response I get is, “I won’t know where do start!”

I agree it is very overwhelming. We have photos on our phones, in our computers, and in a cloud. Just thinking of all this can be enough to make us run and hide. Instead of hiding let’s find a place to start.

Visualize all those digital images printed and piled in a closet. Mixed into all of those photos is the memorabilia that goes with all those images. You know the school papers that come home that you saved in a plastic tub. The tickets from a concert and the Mother’s Day card from your kids. The closet is filled to the brim of stuff. Again, you want to run and hide.

A closet full of stuff evidently must be cleaned out. (No, starting another closet is not an option.) To clean a closet, you would take the top thing and deal with it. Then move to the next thing. That is EXACTLY how you should get started. Take your most recent photos. Start with 2019 and do a year in review. You only have 7 months of photos to start with. Or you could work on a school album starting with their last school year. You have just 9 months of photos and memorabilia to work with instead of years.

Don’t start at the birth of your child that is 10! You would NOT start with the bottom of your closet! If you pulled out everything, you would have piles everywhere like this image. And before you could get started you would need to put it all back into the closet, because your mother-in-law is coming over.

Start current!


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