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Love Life

When I was 10 years old, I learned to live each day to its fullest. I tend to see the good in each day. I turn a challenging situation around to see the lessons I can learn as quick as possible. I try to say, “I love you” as I say goodbye in person or on the phone. I truly hate having a disagreement continue over time. If it does, I live in fear. I struggle to save for tomorrow.

I learned at 10, that tomorrow might not come. That this might be the last time you see the one you love. My brother Ricky died at 7 years old in an accident. The last memory I have of him is of us laughing and playing kick ball together. I am thrilled that I have that memory to hold onto.

I remember that when I am mad at my husband when he leaves for work. I stop him and say, “I still love you.” He answers simply, “I know.” Because he does know I need these words, just in case.

Have fun, enjoy life and most important tell those you love that you do.

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