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The Triangle Shape in the Family Puzzle

If you haven’t done the test - draw one of these shapes (you can even do it in the air), but it helps to draw it. Draw a circle, square, triangle or squiggle? If your first response is, ’This is stupid; I am not going to do that!’ Then you are most likely a triangle! If you are a TRIANGLE keep reading! (Check these blogs for the Square. Circle, and Squiggle shape.)

The Triangle Shape in the Family

Triangles* focus on their careers and getting to the top. They are left-brain orientated and are very decisive. They analyze the situation swiftly and make smart decisions. (Triangles will make decisions for the squares around them.) They are ambitious and always working toward a goal. Triangles don’t get side-tracked.

Triangles are leaders and very competitive. They need to be right, and don’t often admit they are wrong. They get to the point, deal with conflict directly and are impatient with others. They want to learn about the other shapes to be able to persuade them. Triangles don’t like people who vacillate on decisions and hate meetings without a clear purpose. Triangles are familiar with teams, but they are either the leader or coach of the team. They prefer small groups, but may be a great speaker at large gathering.

Triangles arrive early, work great in a crisis and will give clear directions. They love routines and organization. Their office and home will be filled with certificates of their achievements. They are great networkers, but focus on what is in it for them.

If you live with a triangle be ready for change, nothing will stay the same. They are always striving for something better. You will be associated with a very successful person. The downside is their need for dominance and control. You must establish your own turf and develop your own inner strength.

The triangle child is an over-achiever. They may become frustrated because they can’t accomplish the goals that are set by others or themselves. They can insistent on having their way and have temper-tantrums. Parents must establish clear rules and enforce them. They are risk taker – try everything once. They do have a fear of failure and may not try to do something if they can’t succeed.

Keys to raising a child that is a triangle:

  1. Be firm – use punishment (this child needs to know why)

  2. Use rewards – give praise

  3. Allow participation in rule making – develop their debate skills

  4. Don’t stifle their dreams, they could achieve them

  5. Save money – they demand the best

* This is based on Communicating Beyond our Differences by Susan Dellinger. (Not of the descriptions will apply to every triangle, but if the majority do, then the triangle is your correct personality shape.)


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