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My Why for Mentor Moms

I quickly changed my tune, explaining I was just fine. My children were peacefully napping upstairs. I was just missing the parenting classes I had back home before we moved here. Oh, a key word, ‘classes’ calmed her down and lead

me back to community education and told to ask about preschool classes. The key was not support for me the mom, but for group interaction for my children.

Flash back to a year earlier, we lived in Rochester, MN. I was attending P.A.I.I.R. (Parents Are Important In Rochester) classes. At each class I sat in a circle with other moms and a monitor to lead our discussion. While in the next room our children were supervised by preschool teachers. I loved connecting to those moms and having my kids learn to socialize which was an added bonus.

After moving to Arizona, I missed those moms and was feeling lonely. I decided to search for the same thing in Mesa! That lead me to the phone that afternoon. I was looking for mom connections and parent support. Which caused concern for the people on the other end of the phon. I had forgotten that P.A.I.I.R classes focused on early childhood education and parent education. I was searching for my needs. (Yes, I was able to find early childhood classes, which did connect me to some moms.)

That afternoon phone call is why I started Mentor Moms. I believe moms should be able to find the ask questions and find solutions they need without fear that it would lead to a CPS visit.


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