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The Family Puzzle

I love to put together jigsaw puzzles. I try to pick a puzzle with beautiful scenery with many colors, hoping it won’t be too hard to put together. As I begin to sort through the box of puzzle pieces, I think that each piece is unique, but I have found many pieces in a box that are cut exactly the same. If I were to take our family photo and cut it into puzzle pieces some characteristics are the same within different people. But just like an image in my jigsaw puzzle is made up of many different puzzle shapes. Each family member is made up of different characteristics (like different puzzle shapes) and no two people are exactly alike.

As I thought of my family as a puzzle, it seemed to fit. A puzzle is a toy designed to test skill or intelligence, or a problem that is difficult or impossible to resolve. At times, that was the exact definition of my family. A puzzle can mystify, confuse and baffle us. I must admit over the years, Danielle’s world was a mystery, Ashley precise schedule confused me, and Lindsey’s every growing social circle was baffling. And just living with a member of the opposite sex, sometimes I was in total bewilderment. My family for many years was a puzzle!

Finally, I was able to understand the core puzzle piece that guides each one of my family members. I learned about personality shapes: circle, square, triangle and squiggle. Of course, my family has all four shapes.

Gaining insight to their core trait has given me a perception to understand their puzzling characteristics. Just like the picture on the jigsaw puzzle box is my guide. Each person’s personality shape is my guide.

What is your favorite shape: circle, square, triangle or squiggle?


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