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Summer Balance

I have always loved being an entrepreneur. Being able to work from home and set my own schedule. Until summer! Then it seemed like any plan I made was destroyed by Tuesday. Each summer when I had school age children, I was either a great mom and my business faltered. Or my business was successful, and I struggled as a mom. I faltered with patience and focus. I struggled keeping my commitments to my kids and my business.

The summers I was a great mom, I focused on them and their schedule. I wanted my kids to have fun and do things we couldn’t do during the school year. When they would want to go to the park, have a friend visit or have a water fight, I tended to say yes.

The summers my business continued to grow; I was committed. I set hours to work and told my kids they were on their own (when they were old enough). I stayed working at my desk and on the phone for hours. The problem was I worked more hours that I planned. I had set aside family time, but only after my work was done. Often it wasn’t done, so I procrastinated family time.

Finally, I uncovered the secret. I needed to be focused with equal commitment. I set my office hours and my mom hours. I focused on each thing during that time and keep my commitment to my kids when it was mom time. It was NOT about being balanced between my work and my kids. It was being focused on one thing at a time and keeping my commitment to both.

How will you adjust to summer? What worries you?


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