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Summer Balance

I have always loved being an entrepreneur. Being able to work from home and set my own schedule. Until summer! Then it seemed like any plan I made was destroyed by Tuesday. Each summer when I had school age children, I was either a great mom and my business faltered. Or my business was successful, and I struggled as a mom. I faltered with patience and focus. I struggled keeping my commitments to my kids and my business.

The summers I was a great mom, I focused on them and their schedule. I wanted my kids to have fun and do things we couldn’t do during the school year. When they would want to go to the park, have a friend visit or have a water fight, I tended to say yes.

The summers my business continued to grow; I was committed. I set hours to work and told my kids they were on their own (when they were old enough). I stayed working at my desk and on the phone for hours. The problem was I worked more hours that I planned. I had set aside family time, but only after my work was done. Often it wasn’t done, so I procrastinated family time.