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The Squiggle Shape in the Family Puzzle

If you haven’t done the test - draw one of these shapes (you can even do it in the air), but it helps to draw it. Draw a circle, square, triangle or squiggle? If you were thinking, ‘I have no idea what shape I would ever be, till you read squiggle!’ then you may be a squiggle! If you are a SQUIGGLE keep reading! (Check these blogs for the Square, Circle, and Triangle Shapes.)

Squiggles* are creative and like being unique. They are always asking ‘what if?’ Squiggles are truly right-brain orientated; process information in a creative, conceptual and intuitive way, not in the sequential, deductive process. This makes it difficult for linear thinkers to work with squiggles as they don’t see the world in the same way.

The Squiggle Shape in the Family Puzzle

Squiggles challenge status quo – never happy with the way things are and have been in the past. They are future-orientated and more interested in possibilities than reality. They are known as the idea person. They are not interested in the specific details, just jumps to an innovative idea. Squiggles are motivating and expressive. At parties they are witty, sensuous and expressive.

The squiggle craves variety and stimulation in the workplace. Also prefers free-flowing, creative independent work. They are a great start-up person, but things fall through the cracks as they struggle with organization, maintenance and follow-up. You will recognize a squiggle because their office looks like a hurricane hit it. But they feel very organized and can tell you exactly what is in each pile!

If you live with a squiggle you will be flooded with ideas and change. The largest problem for the squiggle is living in this organized, highly logical and linear world. Guide them in the linear world, but listen to their ideas. Reinforce their dreams, squiggles often make their dreams come true.

The squiggle child is creative, intuitive, naturally expressive, disorganized, unrealistic, illogical, naïve and uninhibited. Keep in mind EVERY preschooler acts like a squiggle! As they grow older the other shapes with emerge. The squiggle child is a dreamer. If they are not doing well in school, they are not being challenged. They are easily bored. Keep in mind normal logic doesn’t apply, but they can persuade you with their ideas. Ask them about their ideas, they often make their dreams a reality.

Keys to raising a child that is a squiggle:

  1. Be firm in setting and enforcing rules

  2. Allow mistakes – critical for their creative personality

  3. Find an appropriate school situation – they need to be challenged

  4. Encourage friends and group activities and sports

  5. Give them a weekly allowance – they will be impulsive, don’t buy them everything they want.

* This is based on Communicating Beyond our Differences by Susan Dellinger. (Not all the descriptions will apply to every squiggle, but if the majority do, then the squiggle is your correct personality shape.)


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