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Planning for Moving Day

Things always happen at once. Even with adult kids, they seem to end up doing things at the same time. This month it is moving. Two of the 3 girls are moving. I am sure by the end of the month they will both be safely moved. But the preparation is as unique as they can be.

They are both planners, just in very different ways. Ashley has a notebook filled with everything she will need, including a spread sheet. She has known what needs to happen each day from the moment they purchased their new house till the day they move in. Each task is checked off as she or her husband complete it. She has known what must be accomplish each day, including their few days off.

Danielle is a time blocker. She planned what other tasks needed to be accomplished before she could even think about packing. She finished her student teaching plans for the year, completed her teacher license application, tweaked her resume as she applied for jobs and blocked time to finish up her grad school homework. Leaving the last 5 days to pack and move from one apartment to another.

Which type of planner are you? Would you be critical of Danielle that didn’t pack a box until 5 days before her move?

Accepting each of their unique styles is important. One is not better at planning than another. They will both will get the job done. I am proud that they found their own style!


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