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Life in the Fast Lane

In a blink of an eye, you will be watching them walk down the aisle! Daily I read a post on Facebook that says, “I can’t believe my child is this old already. Where did the time go?” I agree, time is flying by. Days turn into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. But should it? Must time just fly by? Can time slow down?

Life is like a road trip. When taking a road trip, I put the location into my GPS and it tells me the fastest way to get there. If I have options that add 5, 10 or even 30 minutes onto my trip. I laugh, ‘Why in the world when anyone do that?’ I pick the fastest way and off I go. Not only do I take the freeway, but I drive in the fastest lane. My trip flies by.

I start to wonder. Should my road trip only be about getting there as fast as possible? What would happen if I exit off the freeway and took the route that took 30 minutes longer? What would I experience on my trip if I took that two-lane road?

As a family we did that back in 2001, on a vacation to Rapid City, SD. We could have taken the freeway which would make the trip a little over 8 hours. But we took US 14 which added 80 minutes more to our drive time. But we were able to visit two of Laura Ingalls Wilder sites. We enjoyed the trip, not just the destination.

Life is like a road trip. I believe we make the same choices in our daily lives. We choose to drive the freeway each day, week and month. We let the days fly by without any thought. What would it look like to just exit our freeway life? What would that two-lane road look like?

Time does not slow down. Time can’t change. However, taking the two-lane road and enjoying a slower life here and there can make is seem like life isn’t flying by. What two-lane road can you take this week or month?

(I am glad for the times I remembered to get off life’s freeway. Because this week I am reminiscing the times on the two-lane road. Since this Sunday, I will be watching my daughter Lindsey walk down the aisle!)


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