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I Could Hear Her Love

The phone rang, our son-in-law Mike announced, “Your Grandchild has arrived. Both baby and Mommy were doing fine.” He was speaking slowly as he picked his words carefully. He knew he couldn’t reveal the sex of this child as they had decided they wanted to see our face as we learned the sex of our first Grandchild. As I congratulated him and looked over at Dan and saw his relief smile. (Yes, we were sitting their worrying as the time ticked by during their long labor process!) Mike continued to say, “Ashley wants to talk to you.” And he handed her the phone.

As Ashley spoke, I could hear the love. The love she had for her new baby she was holding as she began to eat for the first time. The tone of her voice revealed so much intense feelings. She was telling me how much hair she had just like she did when she was born. I instantly was back to the moment I held her for the first time. Tears filled my eyes as I listened to Ashley’s love filled voice share with me this special moment. I realized she had said her, but didn’t let that sink in knowing we would meet our grandchild soon.

Welcome to the world Ada Rose


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