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Everyday Life

Are there days you wish your child would just grow up? You don’t say to anyone else, but the thought crosses your mind. ’I just wish they were out of this this stage! I am so done with it!’

Then there are other days, you are sad at the things they have out-grown. Perhaps, they no longer sit on your lap or give you a kiss goodnight.

You wonder, “Am I ever happy with the stage they are in? Is there a way to enjoy the everyday moments?”

Having 3 girls close together in age meant that I was always overwhelmed with the stage I was in. Because I was in that stage for what seemed like forever, I couldn’t wait to be done. But then suddenly, that stage was done. I would feel sad.

I remember the process of moving Danielle out of the high chair into a booster seat and Ashley into the high chair. Just a year later, it was time to put Lindsey into the high chair. So, Ashley got moved a boaster seat (Danielle was still in one). Then it hit me. It won’t be long, and the high chair would be sold at a garage sale. The girls were growing up too fast!

That is when I realized I needed to enjoy the stage I was in. But how? The stage was happening every day. I realized I did need to enjoy the everyday things. I needed a plan, or it wouldn’t happen.

Around each girl’s birthday I would sit down and write them a letter. (I will admit this only happened a few times in each of their lives.) I would just write about what they were like at that age. What they enjoyed eating, playing with and they favorite things to do. I even took a few photos of them sleeping, eating in their booster chair and playing with their toys. Everyday moments.

As I have recently found those letters I can clearly remember those everyday moments. I can remember the emotions of that stage.

Plan to enjoy the everyday moments. Remember you must decide what will you do, or you won’t do it! When will you do it? On their birthday? Or as a part of Thanksgiving Day, giving thanks for the everyday things. Or even New Year’s Day, as a time capsule.

Take time to enjoy the current everyday moments. Especially, the ones that touch your heart. But also, the ones that drive you crazy, because soon they will be gone.


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