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Walk In Faith

Bible Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV: “For we live by faith not by sight.”

GIGS Journal Entry: This reminds me of trust walks. In a trust walk you are blindfolded and asked to walk. To walk without seeing is scary. It causes one to walk slowly. Testing our steps, hoping soon our vision will adjust to the light and we will be able to see better. Even if we have a friend guiding us, we hesitate with each step. But if we could walk by faith, we could take each step with confidence, even in darkness. Knowing each step was safe. Could we trust our faith enough that we wouldn’t hesitate?

We are asked to live by faith without sight, which is so much more than just walking without sight. I feel we need to remember to live by faith, especially now. We seem afraid to break through our cocoon of the pandemic and start living again. Afraid we will lose the new values and routines that we are happy we have found. We are hesitant we will start listening to the others for directions, instead of listening to our own hearts.

Living with our faith guiding us, we can break through the cocoon of the pandemic. We can feel confident in God’s plan if we pause each day to hear his message strongly. We need to trust in God, so we can walk in faith even without seeing.

Prayer: Help me Lord to walk in faith, to take the steps I need to live my life fully again. Lord give me strength, to break free from my cocoon and live in faith even without sight.

Reflection: Are you breaking free from the pandemic cocoon? Are there things you changed during this time you don’t want to disappear? How are you going to walk with faith and not by sight?


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